Hawkeye Technologies has been creating addons and integrations for AMAG's Security Management Software for more than 10 years. Every security site has unique needs, and we are closely positioned with AMAG to help you meet those needs and make your site run the way you want it to. Some examples of our custom software include real-time existing database integration, video gate checking, credential and muster-based exit control, hardware interfaces, advanced auditing and custom reports. Our newest product, Hawkeye Mobile Harmony, will give you the power of AMAG in your hand, anywhere you go.

Hawkeye Mobile Harmony
25Live Interface
Banner Interface
Commend Interface
Card Screen Import
Colored Muster
Federated Identity
Notifier Interface
Random Patrol Tours
Restricted Client
ThyssenKrupp/KONE/Otis Interface

Hawkeye Mobile Harmony

Hawkeye Mobile Harmony is our newest mobile product that runs on any modern web browser, inluding Android, iOS and desktops. Click here to go to the Harmony page.

Hawkeye 25Live Interface for AMAG

Hawkeye 25Live Interface for AMAG is a Windows service that downloads your 25Live event calendar, including things like classes, meetings and special events. It keeps only the associated doors unlocked during the scheduled events, and locks them again after the events have concluded. Canceled events are automatically removed from the unlock queue and certain event types like "maintenance" can be configured to be ignored by the interface. A "Lockdown" feature can be invoked that locks all doors the interface currently has open in the case of emergencies. After the emergency, Lockdown is disabled and all scheduled doors unlock and operations continue as normal.

Improve building security by reducing unnecessary unlocked doors, and keep security guards busy being guards and not traveling doormen. Attendees of late night events that are sometimes overlooked will also be grateful.

Currently being used at Lane Community College in Portland, OR.

Hawkeye Banner Interface for AMAG

Hawkeye Banner Interface for AMAG is a Windows service that imports changes from your Banner database into the SMS database. HR administration is done through Banner and then imported in SMS, so only one system has to be actively maintained. When a new student enrolls, their information is imported into SMS, and likewise removed when the student is deactivated.

Hawkeye Cleanroom for AMAG

Hawkeye Cleanroom for AMAG is a way of controlling Card Holder's paths throughout a building. A good example of this is a cleanroom or dirtyroom situation, where if a person enter a dirtyroom, they can't enter the cleanroom until they enter a shower room, or until their card is reset by a timer. Another application could be a sensitive area room, where if a person enters a room with sensitive meterials, then they can't exit the building until they enter a screening room.

Hawkeye Commend Interface for AMAG

SMS has native support for several intercom systems, but when a site uses hardware that is not natively supported, we are often called to extend the list of SMS supported devices. Our Commend interface populates the SMS Command Center with the necessary RS232 messages required to initiate intercom calls, and listens to Commend hardware to create Alarms/notifications in SMS clients when calls come in.

Hawkeye Card Screen Import for AMAG

Hawkeye Card Screen Import for AMAG is used for migrating Card Holders from an existing SMS system to a new one. The user's card is presented to a desktop card reader (or the Card Number is entered manually) and the utility downloads all the Card Holder details, including Face and Personal Data, from the existing system over a network. It populates this directly into a SMS Card Holder Definition screen. All the operator has to do then is assign new Access Rights to the new Card Holder record.

Hawkeye Colored Muster for AMAG

Hawkeye Colored Muster for AMAG is a full screen applications that colors the cards in the muster location based on a "category" Personal Data field such as "Company". A quick glance at a wall mounted monitor allows people to see who's in the area and with what company they're associated.

Federated Identity

We've written a few federated identity products that sync Card Holder data and fingerprints between SMS and DEERS or JGS. Fingerprints previously enrolled in SMS are uploaded to DEERS to be downloaded later at subsequent bases where the person travels. Card Holder data, including photo and token active status, are downloaded on-the-fly as the person enters the base. Fingerprints and Card Holder data are served to an Innometriks Rhino reader. Background updates ensure that the database is kept up to date.

Streamline your enrollment process and have a fresh, current HSE database.

Hawkeye Notifier Interface for AMAG

Our Notifier interface imports alarms and events from Notifier fire panels into SMS.

Hawkeye Random Patrol Tours for AMAG

The Patrol Tour function in SMS requires hitting the list of tour readers sequentially, which can be a problem at places like prisons where prisoners will often pass the day by memorizing a guard's routine. Our Random Patrol Tours application allows guards to hit the tour readers in any order they please. The tour is started when the guard first swipes his card at a tour reader. Minimum and maximum timeouts can be set between tour reads. One guard can start a tour and another can complete it, adding more randomness.

A client application is used for viewing and controlling the status of tours. A user logs onto the client application with the same username and password they use for SMS. Tour visibility can be controlled by username and SMS role, so users in different areas of a building only need to be concerned with the tours they are responsible for.

Hawkeye Restricted Client for AMAG

Hawkeye Restricted Client for AMAG controls what users can log onto a SMS client by disabling the Password entry for any user that doesn't have an asterisk (*) in their username. This is being used at locations where it is federally mandated that "public terminals" that have a SMS client installed can only be used for superficial functions like running reports or searching for users, and not creating users or modifying access rights. Usernames like "Restriced 1*" and "Restricted 2*" are created with limited User Role permissions, and only those users are allowed to logon to the system at that terminal.

Hawkeye ThyssenKrupp/KONE/Otis Interface for AMAG

Hawkeye TKI for AMAG enables support for ThyssenKrupp "smart" elevators to be used seamlessly in SMS. No outside configuration is necessary. Simply install the TKI service and name your Auxiliary Outputs and Readers with their corresponding Group (G), Landing (L) and Index (I) numbers. Assign your Auxiliary Outputs to Card Holders as you would normally. Elevators can be controlled manually with the Command Center, or by using Scheduled and Trigger Commands.

Our KONE and Otis interfaces work in a similar way.

Hawkeye Vacancy for AMAG

Hawkeye Vacancy for AMAG limits the total numbers of cards per organization that can occupy a defined area, for instance a parking garage. The Organization, Access Code In, Access Code Out, and Max Count are defined by a settings application. A tally is kept as cars enter and exit the parking garage. When an organization hits its defined limit, the Access Code In of all cards in that organization is removed, and likewise added back when the limit drops below the Max Count. Multiple areas can be defined, and any particular organization can be defined for more than one area.


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